About us

We are a group of researchers, scientists and engineers with prior experience from both industry and academia, focusing on the development of digital educational interventions as well as research projects. We specialise in designing and building serious games and simulation models, that include personalisation elements using Machine Learning algorithms.
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A digital sex education intervention

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Collaboration Projects

Innovative education intervention for safe sexual and reproductive health
Teaching Students Internet Safety Through an Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application
Mindfulness intervention for self awareness in youth through serious games

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Technologos offers research and innovation services to support and establish collaborations among academic and industrial institutes to develop their research from inception of ideas to output commercialisation. We provide expert advice, research-funding specialisation, big data and advanced analytics solutions.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to push the boundaries, giving our customers the quality of service they require, improving the effectiveness of our products and supporting the development of knowledge and technology.