Data Shelter

Engaging GDPR Education Intervention for students

Erasmus+ Programme
KA210-SCH – Small-scale partnerships in school education

AGREEMENT NUMBER 2022-1-CY01-KA210-SCH-000084047

Project Life Period: 03/10/2022 – 03/07/2023

Project Description:

DataShelter aims to decomplicate GDPR and make it more approachable to students. By providing them with an engaging and immersive GDPR training, their confidence will be increased when applying and interviewing for jobs. In addition, on a practical level, their  employability will actually be enhanced, as for employers nowadays it is a major attribute to have people that are familiar and can work on the organisation’s processes with GDPR in mind. Having a stable foundation, young employees can then go on to deepen their knowledge and apply it in different situations that may arise in the workplace.
In addition, DataShelter will equip students with the capacity to understand the implications of GDPR on their own data as customers, users, students or employees, making them aware of their rights and choices in digital spaces, enhancing their digital readiness and resilience as citizens.
DataShelter will strive to include young people with challenging backgrounds and fewer opportunities as participants, to offer them access to this training and ways to improve their employability and digital skills.
The DataShelter intervention will use innovative methods of teaching, such as serious games, simulations, videos and infographics.

Project Partners: