Immersive data science education

Erasmus+ Programme
KA210-ADU – Small-scale partnerships in adult education


Project Life Period: 01/04/2022 – 01/01/2023

Project Description:

Data Science is a relatively new field in tech where complex business problems are solved through data analysis. Data scientists are often experts who understand both the IT and business worlds. With more and more companies around the world, recognizing the importance of interpreting big data to get insights that will boost their revenue, many employers are willing to dig deeper into their pockets to hire data scientists.
Due to the rapid technological innovations in IT, the skills of IT graduates do not match market needs. There is also an alarming shortage of data experts both globally and in the EU, with this lack of core intermediary expertise having created a chasm between e-infrastructure providers and scientific domain specialists . Data specialists accounted for far less than 1% of total employment in most Member States.
With the introduction of Abacus, Data Science will not be for the well-trained data scientists only, as people will better communicate with experts and will better understand data thanks to Abacus. Smart companies, organizations and local
communities will ensure that many of their members will be able to speak the language of data and use it to improve their quality of lives. By empowering citizens and employees with these fundamental skills, industries and the society in general will realize tremendous levels of innovation and efficiency.

The consortium of Abacus: